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Pluto - Col. Plumb - Soderstrom - Vin Fiz Marker - WWII Canteen - War Memorials - Steel Sculptures
Streator has numerous sites to see. Visit some of our statues and monuments around town.

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Pluto Monument


The Pluto monument stands at Anderson Golf Course in Streator. Pluto is near and dear to the hearts of Streatorites. Streator is the birthplace and boyhood home of Clyde Tombaugh, the person who discovered Pluto in 1930 while working at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. The significance of this discovery (the only planet discovered by an American) was expanded in 2015 when the New Horizons Spacecraft passed by the distant planet and caused scientists throughout the world to modify inaccurate assumptions held about Pluto for decades. The Pluto and Clyde Tombaugh stories are laid out in detail at a historic marker on the north side of Streator, near Anderson Fields Golf Course. During the New Horizons mission, a heart shaped area was photographed  and has officially named the "Tombaugh Reggio." The 9-hole golf course continues with the astronomy theme, with each hole named after Pluto. The monument was designed by Luke Walker and built at Streator Dependable.

Anderson Fields Golf Course
1901 N. Bloomington St.
Streator, IL 61364

Col. Ralph Plumb Sculpture

Located in the city park, this monument features Col. Ralph Plumb.
In 1866, Plumb was asked to buy and develop 4,000 acres of coal country  in what would become Streator. Plumb (1816-1903), an abolitionist who grew up in Ohio, already had a record of achievement after serving during the Civil War on the staff of Gen. James Garfield, later to become the 20th president. Under Plumb's leadership, the coal operation boomed. Later, the town's name was changed to honor Dr. Worthy Streator, who had asked Plumb to develop the area, according to records at the Streatorland Historical Society. With 3,000 employees under his direction, Plumb influenced a number of railroads to build tracks through Streator. Plumb also convinced leaders of the Vermillion Coal Co. to set aside land in Streator for a park. He was a force behind the first high school as well as an opera house that eventually bore his name. He also helped secure a $35,000 gift from industrialist Andrew Carnegie for our public library.
It is fitting that this monument stands to him a park that he helped create.

Streator City Park
200 Block of North Park Street
Streator, IL 61364

Reuben Soderstrom Statue

Reuben G. Soderstrom is one of the most dynamic and legendary leaders in the American labor movement, presiding for 40 years—from 1930 to 1970—over 1.3 million members in the Illinois AFL-CIO. A three-volume biography of his life, Forty Gavels, was published in 2017 and takes its name from the annual gift of a handcrafted gavel given to Soderstrom from his membership. He is memorialized in bronze statue in his hometown of Streator, Illinois, in a plaza built by union men and women that includes 12 plaques presenting his most moving speeches. A successful state legislator, in 1930 the 42-year-old Soderstrom became president of the struggling Illinois State Federation of Labor just as the Great Depression blanketed the nation. He rebuilt the organization through the lean years of the 1930's, rallied behind the policies of the New Deal and then committed his members to a big domestic push to win World War II, including a No-Strike Guarantee during those years. To learn more, go to

Streator City Park
300 Block of North Park Street
Streator, IL 61364

Vin Fiz Marker
In 1911, the first Transcontinental Flight landed in Streator at what is now Anderson Fields Golf Course. The Flight of the Vin Fiz marker was added in 2011 on the centennial of the historic occasion. 


Anderson Fields Golf Course
1901 N. Bloomington St.
Streator, IL 61364

World War II Canteen Memorial
The WWII Canteen Monument honors the spirit of Streator's WWII Canteen. The canteen opened on Nov.26, 1943. During World War II, many of the troop trains came through the Streator Santa Fe station. Local citizens organized the Track side Streator Free Canteen, one of hundreds of canteen across the country, to provide fresh food and drinks free to the service people when their train stopped in Streator. Often, it was the first snack and friendly face the troops had seen since their train ride began. The canteen served more than 1 ½ million service people in less than three years, on the busiest day the canteen fed 5,500 troops. Volunteers came from 47 communities in 9 counties around Streator. Thirty service organizations supported the canteen. Troops were fed by volunteers who boarded the train or serviced them on the platform, while the train was be serviced. Everything from sandwiches, donuts, cookies, coffee, milk and soup to cigarettes, chewing gum, magazines, papers and letter writing supplies were given free to all service personnel. The monument was dedicated on Veterans Day Nov 11, 2006.

Streator WWII Canteen Monument
Santa Fe Burlington Northern Depot
North Illinois St
Streator, IL 61364

War Memorials
Called Veteran's Corner, the southeast park of the Streator City Park pays respect to the many Veterans who have served this country. From the Civil War to Vietnam, this is an area set aside to honor those who have served. 


Streator City Park, Southeast Corner
200 Block of N. Park St.
Streator, IL 61364

Steel Sculptures
Local Artist Don Noon has multiple sculptures located throughout Streator. Most of made of Corten Steel. “Mohawk" reflects Native American culture through the use of amorphous shapes and is located in front of Streator City Hall. 
Noon received an associate’s degree from Illinois Valley Community College, then studied Fine Arts at Illinois State University, earning a bachelor’s in Fine Arts while studying under sculptors Barry Tinsley and Keith Knoblock. In 1979 he earned a master’s in fine arts in sculpture from Indiana University. He was awarded a Ford Fellowship in 1977-1978 and was a graduate assistant assigned to sculptor Jerry Jacquard. Noon also worked as an assistant to sculptor Barry Tinsley and to sculptor Tom Gibbs at various times. He was also employed as a welder by Caterpillar Inc. in Aurora.
Streator City Hall
204 S Bloomington St

Streator High School
202 W Lincoln Ave

Streator Fire Department
Approx 512 E Main Street

Lipton Tea Lot
517 E Main Street

Marilla Park (x3)
1669 Marilla Park Road

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